How to be a Simply Supplier

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at a Simply Weddings Show!

To become an exhibitor at any of our shows is very easy, pop us a message, or email us back the booking form, we will then send you the invoice, plus all of the promotional artwork and set up information. 

With all Venue showcases we will only take a maximum of 15% of the show as Photography and a maximum of 2 of all other trades. At the Truro Bridal Showcase it is 15-20% Photography and 3 of everything else. 

This is because we do not believe in filling a show with lots of the same trade, we pride ourselves in offering variety for the visiting couples, but also we feel that as a supplier it would not benefit you.

What do Simply provide?


Social - We pride ourselves in promoting all events as much as we possibly can. We start with a Facebook Event, which you can become a joint host. This is great place to add updates, shout about what will be happening and share all over social media. We also promote on Instagram and Twitter.

Websites- Our shows are listed on Cornwall Wedding fairs, Guides for Brides, Wedding Fairs and Wed 

Out and about - We purchase large banners for each event to be displayed either at the venue or nearby and The Truro Bridal showcase has 2 Mobile Billboards showing the venue and dates, these are set up in advance of the shows.

Goody Bags and Gifts

All couples are provided with a show card (a handy way for them to jot down anything they love or any appointments), a pen, and a goody bag.

Bags have a teabag and a packet of biscuits.. bear with me.. Its so when they get home they can pop the kettle on and sit down and sort through all of the flyers, vouchers and magazines.

We also give out VIP bags, given at random times during the day. This have the added gift from Simply (Jewellery, Chocolates, Cufflinks or sometimes a voucher from the spa) Suppliers are welcome to add to these bags, a small gift or an upgraded voucher.

We also have a selection of Bridal magazines that are free to all couples.

Couples Registration

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, we will now be asking all attendees to pre register via Eventbrite. As each event approaches we will be in constant communication with our host venues to ensure we can deliver a safe event for everyone, if we need to we will put in place a time slot booking system. 


Cost of Attend a Show


All shows are £120.00 to attend, you can reserve your space with a £50.00 deposit.

10% Discount can be applied if you book 5 or more shows, and all deposits are paid at the time of booking.


Fees include :-

  • A minimum of 8ft exhibition space, with a table if required. Normally a 6ft Trestle table depending on the venue. When planning the room for each show this is the minimum area, however, we hate to cram people in so you will have room for your table plus space to one side for pop up banners or other exhibition stands.
  • Electric can be provided but please let us know at the time of booking
  • Teas and Coffee at set up at all shows
  • Truro Bridal showcase, we will also provide water and snacks to help you with your busy day.
  • Most venues offer a supplier lunch offer, otherwise the main restaurant areas are available. You will be notified of any offers.

Please request a Booking form before making payment via, we will check the availability for your business before confirming your booking. Please note that deposits are no refundable. All deposits must be paid in full within 5 working days or your exhibition space will not be secure. 

 Tregenna Castle Resort, St Ives

5th September 2021 and 7th November 2021 

This will be our 6th year showcasing this iconic venue. Set within acres of beautiful grounds, complete with its own golf course, swimming pools and woodland walk it has always been very popular with all of our visiting couples. The show will take place in the Brunel lounge and the Trelawny room, providing a spacious exhibition area.

Penventon Park Hotel, Redruth

 26th September 2021

Our 2019 Simply Awards Venue. One of the most beautiful venues in Cornwall, situated within its own grounds. The show is located in the main function room offering a stylish and spacious area. There is a raised stage where live entertainers or DJs can set up to showcase to the visiting couples.

 Landel Gwel an Mor, Portreath

17th October 2021

Our win a dream wedding 2018 and 19 venue. Set just minutes from the stunning Cornish coast, but nestled beautifully in gorgeous countryside, this venue has the best of both worlds. If you are looking for a more rustic venue, the Yurt with events barn will not disappoint. The show will be located in both the yurt and the barn, with space outside for wedding cars.